Bone is easily carved, drilled, dyed and polished. Historically, it has been used in adornment as long as man has hunted. Man has used the teeth, bone, feathers and even vertebrae to create all sorts of ornamentation including breastplates as worn by Native American Indians.
The extremely skilled carvers use a handheld grinding wheel to produce intricately carved pieces. The bone is often dyed using tea and more vibrant colours.
Bone Embellished Clutch Purse

Horn is usually from farmed buffalo. Colour ranges from golden amber to black and white/grey. Prices vary according to rarity of the colour. White/grey being the most expensive. Horn is naturally dense, yet very lightweight, and can last longer than most natural materials. Golden horn beads look as good as natural amber but without the higher cost.

A fossil resin from trees with yellow colour. It is often cloudy (butterscotch) due to air spaces. Insects are often found trapped in amber. Found in Russia, Baltic Coast & Africa.

Jet is a variety of coal. Hydrocarbon
Sometimes known as Black Amber it is a fossil wood made popular in England during Victorian times when it was used as mourning jewellery.

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