Collection: Vintage Beads and Stones - Vintage Glass

Stockists of a large range of vintage beads including plastics and wood, crystals and cameos. No longer yesterday’s news you can be part of a growing number of craft enthusiasts,  jewellery designers and jewellery makers who are revamping and up-recycling old jewellery and vintage beads, cameos, charms etc.

Create unique pieces from our vintage treasures most of which are sourced globally in the basements of former manufacturers and designers from Bohemia now Germany and the Czech Republic. It is a joy to find but also hear the stories of the last generation of master crafters in moulding, cutting and setting.

  • Usually, a combination of sample ranges and over productions which have never been sold or used, which means it is unique and of limited supply
  • Products include beads, settings, cabochons, buttons and jewellery no longer made so it's exclusive and will make your designs unlike any others.
  • Materials include Czech glass and enamel, Swarovski© crystal, Lucite plastic from the 1920s -1980s which means amazing quality because of the high quality and craftsmanship.
  • And supplies are naturally limited, so be quick!

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