Our Craftsmanship

Why We Love Sustainable Crafted Style

Our products aren't just about being beautiful and unique. They are more importantly about making the lives of the artisans and the communities more beautiful too! We are committed to preserving time honoured traditions in bead making by supporting artisans globally.

Where we Source our Beads, Stones and Charms?

We are committed to sourcing you the best stuff. At Bead Vault, we love adornment. The power of it and the beauty of it.  We wander the globe to source the beautiful and the unique from vintage stuff found in dusty basements to modern elements made from time honoured traditions. Either way we love to get our hands dirty in the sourcing process and celebrate the culture, creativity, and craftsmanship of handmade.

  • Bohemia the former hub of bead and jewellery manufacturing in the 19th and 20th century. Think former West Germany and Czechoslovakia. We source vintage plastics (Lucite), wood, glass, crystal beads and stones.
  • Czech Republic - we work closely with family run and individual artisan businesses who practice time honoured, handmade craft traditions plus source vintage beads from original makers, having tonnes of fun in musty and dusty basements unearthing incredible vintage finds.
  • Venice, Italy for glass. They are infamous for their glass production since the 11century, need we say more.
  • Africa for fair trade ceramics and paper beads made by women from Kenya and Uganda.

Make it. Wear it. Live it.

We believe accessories reflect and shape our identity. They can influence our moods with a lasting aesthetic that transcends short-lived trends. You will be intrigued and amazed by the variety of beads we sell online.

Bead Vault is a place where one can find a mix of bold retro designs, ethnic global, vintage, modern and quirky. Our aim is to inspire your creative journey and tell the sustainable crafted stories of our beads.