Collection: Crystal Beads - Czech Machine Cut

Bead Vault stocks a comprehensive range of Czech fire-polished shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, from sizes 3mm – 22mm. One beauty of fire-polished beads is the range of available mixed colours, surface treatments and finishes. Made of quality glass, colours will not fade, and the treatment of fire polishing creates in a scratch-free surface, which creates maximum brilliance.

Our most popular sizes are 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. With over seventy colours to choose from in our 4mm Czech crystal range you are sure to find the colour you are looking for. Use 4mm in such projects as yoga bracelets, bead embroidery, delicate jewellery designs and embellishment.

A range of drops 5x7mm, 10x7mm and 13x10mm are available in our fire polished bead range along with oval shaped crystal beads from 8x6mm to 13x10mm. Other shapes are available in a limited colour range such as wheels, rondelles and rectangles.

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