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Rondell Melon 15x9mm Glass Beads Aqua

Rondell Melon 15x9mm Glass Beads Aqua

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These vintage glass beads were made in West Germany. They are 15x9mm wide, belly shaped rondels or melon glass beads are made of a colour we love most: aqua.The edges are rounded and the rondel is tumbled to a polished finish.

Original vintage beads. The packages were labeled Made in Germany. The U.S Army occupied Bavaria after World War II until 1955. Merchandise produced during this postwar time until 1949 was labeled U.S. Zone Germany. These were manufactured between 1949 - 1960.

Kaari Meng French General owner, designer & stylist

Finish: Opaque
Colour: turquoise green
Size: 15x9mm
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