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18mm Mix Czech Fire Polished Bead Pink

18mm Mix Czech Fire Polished Bead Pink

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These large 18mm mixed pink Czech fire polished crystal round beads are made in the North Bohemian region. The North Bohemian region, with its centuries-old glass-making traditions, continues to be the cradle of machine cutting and polishing. Czech fire polished beads are shaped in a mould, cut into a round facet, and polished until smooth and shiny using an intense heat. (Hence their name "fire polished crystal".)
As a leading distributor of traditional Czech beads from Preciosa we offer a diverse range of shapes, colours, sizes and finishes to choose from. These faceted beads add sparkle at a fraction of the price of lead crystals.




mix - every bead is unique

Kaari Meng French General owner, designer & stylist

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