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6mm Round Pearl Swarovski Glass Bead Tahitian Blue

6mm Round Pearl Swarovski Glass Bead Tahitian Blue

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Swarovski® Pearls are the perfect substitute for genuine South Seas pearls with their natural pearl lustre and weight. They are an affordable substitute and available in a range of beautiful colours. Made of a unique crystal core which is covered with an innovative pearl coating, these pearls are the only ones made like this in the world. They possess a flawless, silky-smooth surface resistant to rubbing, scratching, perfume and perspiration.
Add a touch of elegant sophistication to your fashion and jewellery designs with our Swarovski Crystal Pearl collection when combined with the colourful loose crystal elements assortment.
To ensure the pearls remain in perfect condition for as long as possible, we recommend avoiding contact with water and that perfume is not sprayed directly onto the pearls.

Finish: Pearl
Colour: Tahitian Blue
Size: 6mm

Packaging: 25 pieces

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