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8 0 Czech Seed Bead Jonquil AB

8 0 Czech Seed Bead Jonquil AB

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These size 8/0 Czech glass jonquil AB seed beads have a lovely metallic lustre surface and will not chip, fade or peel. “AB” means “Aurora Borealis” and looks like a rainbow tint on the surface. It is a permanent “rainbow” finish which is applied while the bead is hot. The rainbow finish sets the beads off and makes them come forward visually.

    • AB - jonquil

    • Bead measurement 3.1mm

    • Hole size 0.7mm.

    • 20grm packet (approx x700 pieces)

    • Made: Czech Republic

    • Manufacturer: Preciosa Ornella

TIP: use stainless steel cable known as Tigertail for jewellery making and Nymo thread for surface embellishments size D

Why Use Czech Glass Seed Beads?

  • High Quality Craftmanship - colourfast and high-quality surface coatings. Czech glass seed beads are not dyed which means no colour fading and no peeling or chipping on the beads surface.
  • Uniformity - machine cut - uniform shape and consistent size (bead to bead consistency) makes Czech seed beads ideal for bead weaving, hand bead weaving e.g., peyote stitch.
  • Variety - Czech glass artisans offer an extraordinary scope of shapes, sizes, colours, and surface treatments offers the designer and maker broad scope in creativity.
  • Affordability
  • Versatility - use Czech glass seed beads in bead stringing, bead looming, bead weaving, decorative surface embellishment, such as embroidery, and crochet.
  • Hole size - the hole in Czech seed beads is slightly bigger than rival seed bead brands which allows for multiple threading.

How to Use Czech Glass 8/0 Seed Beads?

  • Decorative Embellishment - team 8/0 Czech seed beads with Czech bugle beads if you want to use a similar width bead or to apply sequins.
  • Knot Substitute - string 8/0 Czech seed beads in between larger beads, known as a 'filler' bead, which gives necklace designs a fantastic drape when strung on flex stainless steel wire. TIP: use a matt black 8/0 Czech seed bead when stringing necklaces in-between beads for a look-a-like silk knot.

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