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8 0 Czech Seed Bead Red - Dark Opaque

8 0 Czech Seed Bead Red - Dark Opaque

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These size 8/0 Czech glass Opaque dark red seed beads are used predominately for bead weaving, loom work, surface embellishment, such as embroidery and hand bead weaving e.g peyote stitch because of their uniform shape.


    • Opaque - dark red

    • Each small bead measures about 3.1mm

    • Hole size 0.7mm

    • 20grm packet (approx x700 pieces)

    • Made: Czech Republic

    • Manufacturer: Preciosa Ornella

TIP: use stainless steel cable known as Tigertail for jewellery making and Nymo thread for surface embellishments size D

Why Use Czech Glass Seed Beads?

  • High Quality Craftmanship - colourfast and high-quality surface coatings. Czech seed beads are not dyed which means no colour fading and no peeling or chipping on the beads surface.
  • Uniformity - machine cut - uniform shape and consistent size (bead to bead consistency) makes Czech seed beads ideal for bead weaving, hand bead weaving e.g., peyote stitch.
  • Variety - Glass artisans offer an extraordinary scope of shapes, sizes, colours, finishes, and surface treatments offers the designer and maker broad scope in creativity.
  • Affordability
  • Versatility - use Czech seed beads in bead stringing, bead looming, bead weaving, decorative surface embellishment, such as embroidery, and crochet.
  • Hole size - the hole in Czech seed beads is slightly bigger than rival seed bead brands which allows for multiple threading.

How to Use Czech Glass 8/0 Seed Beads?

  • Decorative Embellishment - team 8/0 Czech seed beads with Czech bugle beads if you want to use a similar width bead or to apply sequins.
  • Knot Substitute - string 8/0 Czech seed beads in between larger beads, known as a 'filler' bead, which gives necklace designs a fantastic drape when strung on flex stainless steel wire. TIP: use a matt black 8/0 Czech seed bead when stringing necklaces in-between beads for a look-a-like silk knot.

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