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Czech Glass Button Deco 18mm 8" Matt Black

Czech Glass Button Deco 18mm 8" Matt Black

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Old moulds, all handmade by metal engravers are used today to create these gorgeous pressed deco style matt black 18mm glass buttons. The glass maker uses the moulds by attaching it to a pair of pliers, which is then bolted to the workbench next to the furnace. The artist then hand presses each button by hand, one at a time to create unique pieces of art. Bead Vault values the contribution of the Bohemian artisans of last century. The history and heritage of the master glass artists and metal workers is almost gone. We are endeavouring to continue to give you the pleasure of adornment by offering reproductions of many styles from this period.

The buttons are a single mould of glass including the shank.

size: 18mm 8"

matt black

*Historically sizes of Czech glass beads are measured in French lines, this unit of length was used before the metric system.

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