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Earring Clip On Brass 18mm

Earring Clip On Brass 18mm

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This 18mm clip on flat pad is ideal to glue stones, buttons or your own polymer clay creations to it to create a unique DIY clip on earring.
finish: brass

sold in pairs

Use Araldite glue to fix a stone to the pad. It will need to be a minimum of 18mm.

To Loosen or Tighten a Clip On Earring

This is a paddle back clipon. If your Paddle Back Clip earrings are too tight, insert a tweezer under the "tongue" of the clip and gently raise it very slightly. It only takes a small adjustment to make a big difference in comfort! If your paddle back clip earrings are too loose, or the paddle clip came off,

To Tighten a Paddle Clip:
1) Open the clip and look carefully at how the paddle's "tongue" fits onto the earring back: It will need to be the same way when you are done.
2) With a pair of needle nose pliers, pinch the paddle's "sides" (shown by the red arrows) until their "prongs" (shown by the blue arrows) are out of their holders.
3) Using the pliers, very gently bend tongue back down even, or flat, with the sides.
4) Hold the earring so that the front is facing out away from you. Using the pliers, pinch the clip's sides and line up the prongs with the holes in the holder on the earring back. When the tongue is in the same position when you began, release the sides of the clip and it should pop back into place.
5) Try on the earring. If the clip is too tight, see steps 6 and 7.
6) If the tongue is now too tight, using a flat tweezer or perhaps a metal file's tip, very SLIGHTLY bend, or "raise", the tongue to loosen the paddle. Do this very little each time, trying the earring on for comfort after each try.
7) When the tension is right, use your pliers to slightly and gently pinch in the sides of the clip.

"Making good jewellery is made up of three basics...good materials, good tools, and good techniques."

Kaari Meng French General owner, designer & stylist

size: 18mm
finish: brass
Sold in pairs. Min purchase 3 pairs
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