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Kakui Nut Bead Vintage Pink 25-30mm

Kakui Nut Bead Vintage Pink 25-30mm

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Kukui nuts come from the distinctive kukui trees found in Hawai`i.
The tree is a symbol of light, hope, protection and peace.

The nuts are traditionally strung into necklaces known as leis. Kukui were the first prayer beads for the Hawaiian people.Today
they are worn for protection, given as a greeting and in an exchange of
vows by the couple to be wed. (Symbolically, the two lights of two
spirits intermingle to become one in a holy union.) The oil is used for
Lomi lomi massage.

These nuts are hollow, have large holes & been sanded and painted in vibrant colours.

It is a lovely bead to incorporate into a baby blessing necklace or simply for the beauty of the organic shape.

size: 25-30mm
colour: vintage pink
large hole size: 4mm

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