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Boho Pendant Moroccan Kerkoba Necklace - SOLD!

Boho Pendant Moroccan Kerkoba Necklace - SOLD!

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Traditional Berber Jewellery assemblage necklaces of adornment, identify clan, symbolise wealth, reflect cultural traditions, & act as a source of supernatural & religious power for the wearer.

The Enamelled Silver pendant (kerkoba) was made by the Nomadic Berbers who have an ancient tradition of silverwork and which I sourced on a trip to southern Morocco.

The pendants go through many intricate processes of manufacture, all still done by hand. Firstly circles of a thin sheet of metal are stamped out. The metal is then hammered into a spherical shape and tiny rings of silver are added for decoration. Enamel paint is then applied to each bead and fired several times.

The method is very similar to Chinese cloisonne work.
I have teamed the pendant with vintage Lucite from the former West Germany. I love juxtiposition; teaming modern with vintage, tribal with minimal, plastic with silver enamel.

This is a One Of A Kind piece.
Please take care of me by removing when showering, swimming & sleeping. Keep me away from hairspray & perfume. Chris x

colour: lapis mustard
length: 80cm
materials: kerkoba and lucite
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