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Pink Table Cut 11x10mm Transparent Czech Glass Bead

Pink Table Cut 11x10mm Transparent Czech Glass Bead

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Czech glass table cut beads, have a two-step manufacturing process. They are pressed into their given shape (often ovals, rectangles, squares), then tumbled and smoothed. Additionally, two ‘cuts’ are made with a special grinder: on opposite sides, parallel with each other. The result is a ‘vintage-feel’ bead.

Finish: Transparent
Colour: Vintage Pink
Size: 11x10mm

DID YOU KNOW? Some facts about Czech glass beads...
1400s North Bohemia becomes a glass manufacturing centre.
1700s “Sample men” travelled globally from Africa to Tibet to trade glass beads.
1800s The Industrial Revolution! Machines allowed mass production of moulded pressed glass beads.
1928 Czechoslovakia was the largest bead exporter in the world.
1948 The Communist government nationalised the bead industry which became a single state run monopoly.
Penal labour was used at the core of bead making production and jewellery assembly in Communist Czeckoslovakia.


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