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10 0 Red Silver Lined Two Cut Hex Czech Seed Bead

10 0 Red Silver Lined Two Cut Hex Czech Seed Bead

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These red Czech two cut hex seed beads have a Silverlined finish. The finish gives a mirror like reflective lining. i.e., transparent with the hole lined with silver to give a mirror effect. Two cut seed beads are short, tiny cylinders with a hexagonal surface. They are made using a similar technology to our Czech glass seed beads by PRECIOSA. The facets add an enchanting sparkle and irregularity to your standard round seed bead. Use in haute couture embellishment, delicate jewellery designs, bead weaving and embroidery.

    • Colour: Red

    • Finish: Silverlined

    • Size: 2.3mm

    • Shape: 2 Cut Tube Beads by Preciosa

    • Made: Czech Republic

    • Sold in packs of 20g (Approximately 1600 pcs)

The facets can make the edge of the bead sharp, so be sure to use a very sturdy beading thread. e.g., Nymo or thin cable flex wire such as Tigertail.
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